The world is demanding greater physical security.

We have the solution.

The world is demanding greater physical security.

We have the solution.

Why SecureALL

SecureALL, the wireless physical security technology leader, provides the ultimate solution, beyond just building access. We enable you to confidently oversee your campus with ease.

Our unique integrated suite of patented features includes the strongest mitigation of cyber-attacks offered by any wireless access control provider, real-time lockdown, asset tracking, automated time and attendance, hands-free multi-distance access and more. We offer the most cost-effective solution on the market.

SecureALL is a U.S. company, based in Silicon Valley.

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SecureALL security solutions can help your organization

First line of defence

Let us be your first line of defense.

What makes us different

Technology Leader

SecureALL’s patented real-time communication enables campus wide lock-down in seconds. Our security solutions system also empowers individuals to lock down a single room, which triggers an alert to the safety team and first responders.

Additional patented features include person location assistance for first responders during a disaster, asset and personnel tracking, the best battery life in the industry, and entrance with a hands-free, state-of-the art U-KeyTM. Our integrated hardware and software yields the most advanced encryption in the market.

Easiest to Use

SecureALL offers an all-in-one, plug and play solution. With our integrated hardware and software platform, you do not need to manage multiple systems and vendors. Our wireless solution (no power, sensor or datalines) is easy to install. All programming is performed centrally through a router. There is no need to program door-to-door with handheld computers. The system automatically pairs locks and routers.

When a user approaches the door it automatically unlocks. No need to hunt for keys or put down packages for entry. The hands-free, multi-distance U-KeyTM can be kept in pocket or purse because no line-of-site is required.

Most Cost-Effective Solution

When you take into account the entire cost of a system over its lifetime— acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance— SecureALL is the most cost-effective solution. Reduced theft and lowered insurance premiums are just a couple examples of additional savings.

SecureALL’s patented Extreme Low Power (ELP) Radio Frequency (RF) communication technology yields the longest battery life in the industry, 4 to 6 years. You never need a locksmith if someone loses a key; simply take the U-KeyTM out of the system and issue a replacement.

Who We Serve

SecureALL can be used in just about any new construction or retrofit application requiring a high level of security including:

SecureALL's hands-free key lock system has dramatically improved the quality of life for our senior residents. They no longer have to handle, nor find, a key to enter their unit, garage or entry doors. All rooms they can enter are always open without manually unlocking, making it feel like a real home. The key in their purse or pocket opens everything at a convenient, programmable distance and registers their billing information when they dine. The automation saves time and money, while creating satisfied customers. Everyone loves it! A total win–win. Marianne Nannestad Executive Director,
The Peninsula Regent,
San Mateo, CA
SecureALL is a complete game changer. We have been looking for a security system with the breadth of features at an extremely attractive price point for a long time. It is an easy to use, reliable system I can count on. Nothing else available come close to meeting our needs. Joe Sugg Former Associate Vice President University Operations,
Santa Clara University,
Santa Clara, CA
Testimonials - campus security
SecureALL is the only system on the market that has combined all of the functions and gives us all the necessary information we need to allow us to proactively fix issues before they become major problems, while maintaining a secure environment on our campus. Greg Nelson VP Finance & College Operations,
College of Marin